The First Post

Well, this is my first post, am not really sure what to post though.

In fact, today, I figured out that Komodo now belongs to The New 7 Wanders of Nature, and I’m really proud of it.

For your information, the names of the winners can be accesed through: this Actually, it’s sad that Great Barrier Reefs wasn’t elected, I have a thing or two with those reefs. I think that is apparently one reason why I picked Queensland as a place to study, despite the fact that I am not really good to be put up with cold weather.

Well, you know, I’m going to have my higher education in Brisbane next year, it’s for my Master degree, and seems like it will be soon enough It makes me really exciting. In about 2 months, I’ll have my flight to Sidney and continue it to Brisbane.

To be honest, I can wait to see the Australian desert, the kangoroos and koalas, the dingos and crocodiles.
I event can’t wait to experience flood, uh oh, sounds weird, but that is what I ‘actually’ feel.

Well, I’ll be in QUT, and suprisingly, Micha, my German friend is one of QUT almamater too. It’s really weird, and I just feel that I belong to QUT as well. Well, as far as I know, QUT really is a sophisticated university, with its state in the art IT system, you know, very cutting edge ones.

I’ve searched many pictures of QUT and they’ve already made me proud.

I want to wear my ‘toga’ and have a picture of it in one of QUT gate, with QUT logo on it, just like what Micha did few years ago…

Everything about me recently is only about Brisbane and my QUT.

I’m hoping for the best. Actually, I also hope that I can meet Mandy in Brisbane next year, and show her the beauty of the world 🙂

My future university


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