Well, for the last 4 days, I had a short trip to Jogjakarta. Initially, I had to attend a conference in Gajah Mada University, but off course, lately, the trip turned out to be a backpacker journey, since I had met 2 of my blogger friends, who are in fact, travelers as well as me and Imel, my friend.

We attended a 2-day conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and then had a short journey around Jogja on Friday, and also a journey to Parangtritis and Ganjuran on the next day, Saturday.

Parangtritis hasn’t been changed a lot, at least, still the same beach as I can fairly remember.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy so the sun didn’t shine much. Hard to capture a blue sky as the background of most of my photos, but, I found this one quite interesting, the picture of Mrs. Tuti, Chef Atta and my friend Imel, with a ‘bendi’ (traditional cart from Jogja) and that blue sky I mentioned before…

Imel, Atta and Mrs. Tuti :)
Picture 2: A cloudy Parangtritis, Jogjakarta. November 19th

And we had so much fun with an opportunity to visit the next beach: Depok beach.

It was even nicer there in Depok beach. There were the darkish sand, the fishermen boats, and Imel found out that the fishermen sell sharks. Well, it had to be the local shark because I found it smaller than the one I’ve always watched on television. It could be the young shark also, but I’m not sure with this second consideration. Let’s keep on the first suggestion. 🙂

Imel and Shark
Picture 3: Imel and the (smaller) shark

And also, we went to a small village called Kasongan, where we can find special potteries made by local potters. It was rain so we only visited one of the shops there to save the time because we were heading home, but I can tell you that this shop is one among the best shops in the area.

Imel and the Bright Red Potteries
Picture 4: Imel with the potteries, bright red and attractive. It’s pricey but since the quality and design are understandable, they’re worth the money.

Well, we also visited a special church in Ganjuran also, but I’ll keep the story till my next post.


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