Ganjuran Church

We went to the Ganjuran church on the Saturday. We took an hour or two to reach the area. There is a special catholic church there in Ganjuran, where we can find an ancient Hindu temple which is a part of the church compound.

I usually find a Mary’s Cave near a church. But, we won’t find any in Ganjuran Church. Instead, we will find this Javanese temple. And surprisingly, it’s not Mary who is standing inside of the temple, but Her Son, Jesus, and He is sitting on a throne, with a traditional Javanese custom. It’s unique, isn’t it?

And we can also observe a traditional ornament of the church, which is apparently a Javanese architecture style. It has an ‘umpak’ in the middle of the building, which is known as a significant part of traditional Javanese house: JOGLO

There you can see the interior of the church, it’s typical a Catholic church in Indonesia except the statue of Jesus in the middle of the altar..

I bought a rosary and I found it beautiful. It has 55 heart-shaped stones and 5 rounded stones called ‘mata kucing’. Actually Mata Kucing is a special stone from my hometown Banjarbaru, but I barely find it in the shape of rosary.


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