Caty’s House

For all of you who have a plan to visit Jogjakarta, Indonesia, here I recommend you a nice place to stay: Caty’s House. It’s a home stay, and I can tell you, it’s a very special one. As it is a new home stay, the owner gave me a special price while I was there. It was half the price and it was just about Rp 200,000. 00 per night (about $20), isn’t it cheap? 😉 Not to mention the facility, all in all this home stay really pleased me.

This was our room, very cozy and chic, and it made me feel like home.

This home stay has all the facility you may expect for a home stay, and even more satisfactory… It has an Air Conditioner in each room you may rent, which is, honestly, not really necessary because Kaliurang has a nice climate. There will be a towel and bathroom outfit, ready to use, and the bathrooms are equipped with showers and water heaters. You can have your clothes washed by the laundry too, so you won’t have to bring too many clothes. Well, it’s more like a hotel, I guess…

And I used to lay down a bit in this sofa, where I can watch television, and use the Wifi access for browsing and chatting with friends.

What is more interesting is that Caty’s house has its own Master Chef, Mr. Atta. He will prepare your breakfast every day, and you can ask the menu. The breakfast is including in the room-bills.

You can also have the lunch and dinner which are prepared by Chef Atta, but you will be charged extra fees, but no need to worry because it won’t be expensive. You may ask French or Italian cuisine; Chef Atta will cook it special for you. He worked in some International Restaurant few times ago, so he will satisfy your need.

Chef Atta, me, Mrs Tuti (The Owner) and my friend Umel

And another facility I’m not supposed to forget mentioning is the pick-me-up facility. So, if you are a Caty’s house’s costumer, you’ll be picked up as soon as you arrive in Jogjakarta, from the airport to the house, and vice versa, you’ll be chauffeured to the airport when you’re about to leave Caty’s house. You’ll find it very useful, because you may not familiar with Jogjakarta yet, and you may have no time to trace the map and find your way to the nearest hotel.

And the best thing is, the owner knows Jogjakarta a lot, that you can ask as many question as you want about Jogjakarta or its famous tourism spots, and she will explain it to you. She will even help you to find a rent-car or rent-motorbike.

So, never hesitate to visit Jogjakarta, ok!


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